August 3, 2023

The Profit Table: Accounting Firm Rebrand


Client: Dondrea Owens
Industry: Financial Services


Meet Dondrea, a powerhouse licensed accountant with style. She’s not your everyday accountant; she’s a financial guru with a firm that’s all about leveling up. Dondrea hit us up because she was ready to shake things up. Her clients? High-end. Her vision? Even higher. She needed her rebrand of The Creative CFO to The Profit Table to match this new energy she was bringing, making sure it screamed sophistication and sleekness. Plus, she was fine-tuning her services for her audience and needed her brand to be right there with her, every step of the way.


Now, editorial design? It’s dope but not something you’d usually spot in the finance sector. We saw this as our chance to make waves. Here’s how we brought the heat and elevated Dondrea’s brand:

Creative Direction & Brand Strategy

We kicked things off with a game plan that aligned Dondrea’s ambition with what her clients dig, laying down a strong foundation for her brand’s new chapter. We completed an audit of her current brand and provided recommendations for visuals and photography.

Visual Identity

We crafted a visual identity that was all kinds of elegant and authoritative. This wasn’t just a new look; it was a statement.

Website Design and Development

The main event was a chic, easy-to-navigate website that not only highlighted Dondrea’s offerings but also became a hub for her clients to connect and learn.



Social Graphics

To keep the vibe consistent and engaging across all fronts, Dondrea decided to keep us on speed dial for her social media graphics, ensuring her online presence was as polished as her new brand identity.

Elevating Dondrea’s brand was more than just a glow-up; it was about setting a new standard for what it means to blend finance with finesse. By stepping out of the box with an editorial-inspired aesthetic, we helped Dondrea not just reach her goals but slay them, redefining elegance in the financial space.

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Strategy, Branding and Web Design: RP Digital Design Studio

Website Copy: Oxford Comma

Brand Photography: Ashlee Nicole