let's be real

You’re here because you’re looking to partner with someone who understands that it’s not all about colors, logos and fonts. It’s truly about impact and conversion.

Good news: you found me.

I’m Raven - brand and web designer passionate about using my gifts to help you show up confidently and turn your community into clients. Because who says you can’t serve, create impact and reach your financial goals? 

Working with me means less overwhelm, more intentional work and maximizing your time to do more good. Truth is I believe that everything we do in life should be driven by purpose and making a positive impact on others no matter the industry you’re in.

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Prior to starting this studio, I was a side hustle extraordinaire  before and after hours during my 9-5. All I knew was that I wanted to create something that felt like me, on my terms.

I officially began RP Digital Design Studio in 2019 and transitioned to running my studio full-time during the pandemic. Crazy right? 

My 5+ years of experience in retail, management, higher education, and startups combined with my passion for design helped me cultivate this online space. 

The second month going full-time I gained confidence and began booking clients from all over the world. However I was exhausted and burnt out, which is why I stress the importance of self care, worth and boundaries. 

I stopped listening to everyone else’s vision of success to build my own. 

Wellness has played a HUGE impact on my journey in entrepreneurship and even before I took this leap.

Since relaunching my design business full-time, I was recharged and excited to launch new brand and web design projects for brands and people. The client roster includes 5+ years of working with men & women based in the US, U.K., and even Hong Kong. 

It's a lot of hard work but now I have the opportunity to wake up everyday doing something I love every single day: helping purpose-led entrepreneurs turn their brands into profitable businesses through intentional design, and take charge of their narratives to show up online confidently for themselves and their businesses.

Purpose is a powerful thing — I know first hand. Which is why mine is rooted in being able to help others thrive in what they're called to do and profit from their passions.

the story

Core values are essential to any business

be a catalyst for change.

Integrity isn’t optional, it’s required.

Be kind always.

collaboration is key.

Empowering communities is a commitment.

Mental health is
a priority. 

Ready to work?