i believe that Good design should make you feel something.

A multi-hyphenate creative and the one-woman brain behind RP Digital Design Studio. 

My passions lie in the intersection of design, wellness & social change. Working with me means less overwhelm, more intentional work, and maximizing your time to do more good. 

I'm Raven

founder | designer

With over 6 years of experience in design, I’ve been known for crafting intentional brand experiences through strategy with a minimal yet bold approach. Each approach is tailored to clients no matter what industry they are in. However most clients typically fall into one of three categories: creative, community or culture.

I run a brand and web design studio for industry disrupters and people with wild ideas about how to impact the world. 

Heart first, business second.

Studio Ethos

This work goes beyond ourselves: it's about who we serve.

Collaboration is key.

Meaningful connections matter and teamwork are important to build the vision.

Integrity isn't optional.

Impact requires integrity - be a decent human being.

Ways we can work together

Design Intensive

Custom Design


Collaboration is always a win. That's why working with other entrepreneurs and organizations is always a good time. I often partner with other agencies for custom design or white label work. 

Interested in partnering with the studio? Email Me.

Enough dated websites, inconsistent branding, and doing it alone.


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