March 18, 2024

Design Sprint for Marketing Consultant


Client: Jamar Diggs, Integrated Marketing Consultant
Industry: Marketing and Business Consulting

“Empowering female entrepreneurs to shine online and streamline their marketing.”


When Jamar Diggs came to us, he was looking for a website revamp but soon realized the potential for much more. His mission? To empower visionary female entrepreneurs to scale their businesses and carve out strong, unshakable online presences. The challenge was clear: how to reflect this powerful mission through a refreshed brand and a website that not only talks the talk but walks the walk.


Our design sprint was a deep dive into Jamar’s world, where we uncovered the essence of his mission and how to translate it into a brand and digital experience that speaks volumes. Here’s the breakdown:

Brand Strategy Refresh

We kicked things off with a fresh brand strategy that aligns with Jamar’s mission of liberating female entrepreneurs from the grind of daily content creation. This strategy served as our north star, guiding every decision from visual identity to website functionality.

New Visual Identity

Inspired by Jamar’s vision, we developed a new visual identity that speaks to the heart of empowerment and elegance. This identity not only elevated his brand but also resonated deeply with his target audience, making his services more appealing and relatable.

Website Redesign and Development

The new website became a powerhouse for lead generation, membership promotion, and thought leadership. By integrating compelling lead magnets and clear call-to-action buttons, we optimized the site for visitor engagement and conversion. The Low-Lift ClubTM got its spotlight, with strategic content and incentives to boost membership. Additionally, we ensured the site was a platform for Jamar to share his expertise, with a blog and resources section designed to establish his thought leadership in integrated marketing.


Goals Achieved:

  1. Increase Lead Generation: Through strategic placement of lead magnets and CTAs, Jamar’s website now effectively captures valuable visitor information, setting the stage for meaningful engagements.
  2. Boost Low-Lift ClubTM Membership: The revamped website and targeted email campaigns highlight the unique value of the Low-Lift ClubTM, driving up membership and engagement. He was able to meet his goal of enrollments at 100% on launch day.
  3. Establish Thought Leadership: With a rich repository of content and active engagement with industry influencers, Jamar’s brand now stands as a beacon of knowledge and authority in integrated marketing.

Here’s what he had to say:

“My design sprint felt like a custom design partnership – I have no idea how [Raven] did that, but I’m so happy. It felt like I was getting so much more, so much more value and her strategic brain. It was like I had my own strategic partner in my brand and website development that I don’t think that I could get anywhere else. It felt like she was a part of my team. Like she’s been in my business forever.”

Jamar Diggs’s brand refresh and website overhaul were more than just a facelift; they were a strategic repositioning that aligned his online presence with his mission. This transformation has not only empowered Jamar to attract and serve his ideal clients more effectively but also positioned him as a leader who helps female entrepreneurs scale new heights.

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