March 4, 2020

4 Things you Must do Before you Hire a Web Designer

So you’re thinking about leveling up and working with a web designer to build your brand’s online presence? I hear you. There’s only so much DIY one can do before realizing it’s time to pass the baton to someone who can elevate your vision from dope to dynamite.

Before you slide into a web designer’s DMs or hit them up via email, there are a few moves you need to make to ensure you’re both grooving to the same beat. Let’s break it down:

Do Your Research

Jumping into the digital deep end without scouting the scene first? Nah, that’s not how we do. It’s all about vibing with someone who gets your brand’s soul. My clients come through word-of-mouth, which is great because that trust is already built-in. But whether you’re getting recs from your circle or going solo, know what the industry charges. Understanding the going rate for a website in your area means you will understand deliverables when it comes to talking numbers.

Know your budget

Let’s keep it 100: crafting a full website isn’t pocket change. The real talk in the web design world starts at around $5,000, but that’s just the entry ticket. Your vision might call for more bells and whistles, so your stack needs to match your dream. Before you start planning that virtual empire, know what you can spend. It’s all about balance: your needs vs. your budget.

Vision and Values

Before even whispering your dream into a designer’s ear, you need to have your vision locked down. What’s your site’s heartbeat? Selling merch, showcasing your portfolio, or building a community? Iron out what you’re about because this roadmap not only shapes the design but can also determine the project’s scope—and budget.

Have your content ready

Let’s not mix words: web designers are your digital architects, not your content creators. If you’re envisioning a site that’s all kinds of beautiful and functional, you need to bring the goods—text, images, the works. When you’re armed with your content, your designer can really tailor the site to make it pop.

Here’s the deal: having your content ready isn’t just about making life easier for your designer; it’s about making your site authentically yours from the jump. It saves you time, revisions, and let’s be real—stress.

So, before you hit up that inquiry form on my site or any designer’s page, make sure you’ve got these four key areas locked down. It’s the blueprint for a partnership that’s not just productive but powerful.

Got your content and vision ready and looking to make some magic happen? Check out the services I offer and let’s create something unforgettable.