SEO 101: 4 Free Ways to Optimize Your Blog Posts (for Squarespace)

It’s no secret that blogging adds value to your business and if you’re already writing one you can understand why. With that being said, I found myself in the Youtube rabbit hole the other day and noticed a trend of prominent bloggers talking about the value that SEO has on a WordPress self-hosted blog and […]

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4 Things you Must do Before you Hire a Web Designer

If you’re curious about how to hire web designer and what you should have on hand before hiring someone read this post. A new website can be overwhelming, take note of these tips to streamline your process.

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The Ultimate Guide to Spring Clean Your Blog

Have you refreshed your blog? In the spirit of cleaning out our spaces, I’ve decided that our blogs could use a good spring cleaning too. Not only are blogs essential for growing your business, but they’re a great way to connect with your audience too. As you know, I’ve been working to push out more […]

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